My Trusty Oversized Overworn Coat

With the weather unable to make its mind up, it’s always handy to have a coat you can slip on that feels like a big warm hug sheltering you from that gust of wind. I love to wear my oversized coat in order to add to any outfit.

THIS is my coat:

Oversized, Violet Glenton

I picked it up in the Topshop sale about 3 years ago, and it is incredibly oversized. I absolutely love it. It travelled with me to New York in February 2 years ago and since then I have formed a bond with it that cannot be broken (despite it’s now tarnished seams). I think this coat would fit up to a size 22 quite comfortably, which means YAY for once Topshop clothes fit us chunkier ladies? It’s a miracle.

One of the most underrated/under-discussed things about coats is being able to layer underneath then and with so many coats I can’t do this, but this one never lets me down. I have so many that in winter I can’t layer up on, which resorted to me buying a larger size.

Oversized, Violet Glenton

Sure you’re probably thinking it’s just a simple coat (get over it Violet), but to me it’s trusty, secure, and warm.

Luckily for you lovely shoppers, it is not really the season for this coat, and therefore there are some cracking bargains to be had! (I suggest you invest now before it’s too late!)

Here are a few of the steals I’ve seen online:

  • Asos with their particularly gorgeous Camel coat reduced to £54 up to size 18 whilst stocks last
  • Debenhams stocking Betty Jackson sizes 18 & 20 left at £79.50
  • Asos again with their Curve collection and this beautiful white coat 
  • Boohoo for those wanting to spend a little less, £20 for this adorable coat (reduced from £50)

I’m hoping the weather brightens up in the mean time, as although I love this coat, it’s place should be in my wardrobe until October time.

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Violet xx


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