Maxi-mising the British sun – a Maxi dress

See what I did there? Oh the cheek! Today has been a beautiful day in England and in true British fashion I was the first to be grabbing my maxi dresses for the warmer weather. I’m usually the one pointing the finger going “look at that guy with no top on, we’re not in Spain” but today I decided who cares, I need some sun on my skin! I suppose with the lack of sun we usually have then we have to embrace it when we get the chance.

In a bit of summer holiday preparation I tried on two of my favourite maxi dresses. I’ll cover one today and another this week. So let’s start with the New Look pink piece.

Maxi, Violet Glenton, Maxi Dress
This maxi dress from new look is a size 16. I’m pretty happy with the fit as it seems to go straight down on me rather than clinging to every bump.

I love a good patterned maxi dress as few if plain they can be a little boring, and you know I’m not a huge jewellery wearer so sometimes a pattern is just what I need to spice up my outfit a little. I bought this dress last year but they seem to have a similar one in orange up this season.

Maxi, Violet Glenton, Maxi Dress
I find there is something extremely sexy about a maxi dress on a curvier girl as I’ll be looking to add a few more to my wardrobe this summer. If you agree, let me know in the comments below! There are some brilliant Maxi Dresses out there at the moment and Yours Clothing in particular have a cheeky chevron one I have my eye on.

Well while I’m off back to lay in the glorious sun (before the clouds loom over) I leave you a question. Where have you seen the best maxi dresses this season?

Violet xx

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