Another Maxi dress the Accessorise One

Following my post on Maxi-mising the British sun , I mentioned I had another maxi to discuss and here it is:

Maxi Dress, Violet Glenton


I bought this last year in an airport before heading off on my jollys. It’s from Accessorize  and is definitely one of my favourite summer dresses. I love the way this dress falls, albeit a little revealing on the back and side. This is not one to wear if you’re self conscious about your back-fat (which I’m not), and it allows the sun to kiss every inch of your skin (except for that line in the middle- watch out for tan lines!)

With the current summer weather we’ve been having at the moment, this is perfect. A maxi dress that allows for a cool breeze to hit your back is the way for me.


Maxi Dress, Violet Glenton


Shock horror to my readers, I actually wore a necklace. As a girl who rarely accessorises then you will know this is an odd one for me.No Shrinking Violet 

Well it went so well with this piece. Next have some gorgeous multi-layered necklaces in at the moment and I picked this one up on Sunday. I couldn’t find this on their website unfortunately but found this beautiful similar gold one here.


Maxi Dress, Violet Glenton

I paired it with some superdry flip flops and aviator glasses but in this dress, people won’t be looking at your feet.

There are some beautiful maxi dresses out at the moment and here are a few of my favourites:

That’s all for now,

Violet xx

No Shrinking Violet 

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