Top to Toe in Primark for Summer

Now this isn’t my most colourful outfit, but it was incredibly cool in the heat that blessed us Bank Holiday Monday afternoon. This outfit from Primark is top to toe affordable and ticks all the right boxes for me.

Primark, Violet Glenton

Top: Primark £6

Skirt: Primark: £7

Shoes: Primark £8

The top I absolutely love, but it fits beautifully (size 16) and would look great with some black skinny jeans. I paired it with a skirt for a change as (dodgy as it sounds) when sat in the garden with the few rays of sun we get it’s a delight to pull up your skirt a little to expose your milky legs for the sun. I think it would be perfect to pair this top with a pair of light coloured jeans.

Primark, Violet Glenton

Now I stupidly didn’t get any good pictures of the shoes, but I love the gladiatorial style that always reappears every summer. I’ve always loved this style and will continue to do so. It’s even better now that it comes in so many colours. Meaning we can pick and swap it out with any outfit! Any of my friends know that anything close to Roman history (Art wise or clothing) excites me incredibly. I’d wear a toga all week if I could. It would probably be very breezy, but I’d make it work.

I’m not usually a big lover of Primark, usually their clothes seem a little cheaply made and wear really easily. However, for my Summer clothes I really like the thin material of them. It kinda works and if you go through them quickly it kinda doesn’t matter. I generally pop in for some pieces for holidays as they’re generally thinner material and usually have some fun patterns.

I’m still on the hunt for a jumpsuit so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Violet xx

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