Peach Midi Skirt in Summer New Look Sale

On Sunday we blissfully received a small amount of sun in the UK! Well a mix of rain and sun, but either way I know it was too humid for me to be walking around in jeans and a jumper. Add into the fact I was going for a Carvery with the family and I realised I needed something roomy (for food space obviously) and cute. I picked up the following peach skirt in the New Look sale for my holidays but decided I could wear it for this classic British Summer weather.

Peach, Violet Glenton, New Look, Summer

No Shrinking Violet 

This peach skirt is in the sale at New Look at the moment. I picked it up for £10- but having just checked the new look website they only have it in a size 10 so we’ll be on the hunt in store ladies!

Peach, Violet Glenton, New Look, Summer

I love this skirt, it’s flowy and looks good with many different tops. I wore it with a long sleeve bodypiece but I’d happily pair it with a crop top or thin jumper. Like so many ladies I usually have an issue with skirt length due to being tall- but not with this one! The length is perfect for me and means I can sit this higher on the waist which I usually think gives me a nicer shape. It’s a size 14 and I’d say it’s true to size for around the top part of my waist. It does have an elasticated part at the back so I reckon I could wear it around my hips but again, not my style for this skirt.

Peach, Violet Glenton, New Look, Summer

Please excuse Oscar’s little curly pigs tail

I also think it looked rather marvellous next to the roses that have just bloomed in my garden! No Shrinking Violet

Anyone else found any bargains like this for their hols? I picked up a few pieces in Primark for £5 that I will review another day, but I’m always looking for good skirts that sit ‘just right’.

Violet xx


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