H&M Knit dress, the Perfect Autumn Attire

As I mentioned on my previous post, I had basically pushed my friend Kat into giving me the secret location of the most beautifully retro dress I’ve ever seen her wear. This H&M Knit Dress is killer for the Autumn Season. Pair it with sneaks or boots and you’re in for a winner.

She posted a pretty great blog on it here but I’ll throw my 2 pence in there for what it’s worth.


Knit, Violet Glenton, H&M

Dress: H&M 
Boots: New Look (old)

This beautiful retro dress is an absolute saviour for those like me and Kat (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying) who like to eat! It is so great for different body shapes it’s wonderful. As someone who spends a lot of her time in black I’m also pretty surprised how much I liked it, but mustard, grey, and burgundy are some of my favourite colours so there you go.

Knit, Violet Glenton, H&M

The sleeves are particularly cute with a little slit at the top (I’m sorry Joe is a poor photographer and couldn’t focus the camera) and as you can see the dress is figure hugging but gives a little when necessary.

Knit, Violet Glenton, H&M

I love the length of this knit, not just because I’m a tall gal and it’s past the knee, but it has side splits which would normally threaten to devastate the world by perturbing my modesty… but NOT this dress. No, it is just a good dress. No Shrinking Violet

Knit, Violet Glenton, H&M

Did I mention that is is pretty much the most perfect fabric for Autumn? It’s that kind of material that isn’t too thick but keeps you toasty in the cooler months. I’ve been pairing it with a big oversized coat but I think a biker jacket would be perfect for it.

What Autumn buys have you all been finding and where can I get them?

Violet xx

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