Love yourself, empower yourself

Hey, you. Yes you reading this. Did you know you’re actually really amazing? After posting a instagram the other week about Vanity it came to question how so many people are conscious about becoming egotistic. I’m well aware that arrogance isn’t an appealing quality but there ain’t no shame in a little self love. Promote yourself, empower yourself and support and spur on others.

Here are a few ways you can empower yourself and others:

Give yourself a compliment every day

This can be as little as ‘that was a good cuppa you just brewed’ or as big as ‘well done on completing your dissertation, it’s really great’. Take one moment a day just to glimpse how brilliant a person you are.

Give someone else a compliment 

Think how lovely it feels when someone pays you a compliment. Well why not pass them around a little? If you like someones dress, earrings or attitude. Then tell them! You’ll not only empower them, but they will probably go on to spread more love. It’s infectious after all.

Set Challenges for yourself (and smash them)

If like me, you like to be challenged. Then set yourself little goals. You’ll feel amazing when you achieve them.

empower, Violet Glenton

Photograph by Amy

Do something you want to do for you, not for another reason

Like to play music? Pick up an instrument. Like to run? Do it. Love your body and mind.

Focus on the positives (find the silver lining)

When life gets you down, get back up again and tell it who’s boss! A lot of things are out of our control, but we can educate ourself to be more open to reviewing positive details.

Do you have any tips on how to love yourself a little better today? Let me know below. I’m sure I, and many others will benefit from it.


Violet x

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