Why a Cruise could be for you

I never thought I’d say that I love cruising. In fact, I used to describe it as Butlins on water. However, after my most recent cruise for my honeymoon I fell in love with it all over again. I have been on 3 cruises in my life, one around the Mediterranean, one down the River Nile and one around Western Caribbean. I can say out of these, the River Nile cruise was my favourite. Probably because it’s where I saw one of my favourite ancient sites. I found something so wonderful around travelling down the nile hearing chanting from mosques each prayer. I felt like I had been transported into another world. It was a wonderful feeling and one that made me feel absolutely at peace.

Cruises aren’t for everyone. Members of my family aren’t huge fans, and that’s cool. But here’s some reasons why a cruise could be for you.

Cruise, Violet Glenton, Carnival

You like to see different places

Want to hit lots of different cities in one holiday? Most cruise itineraries explore more than one country and several cities in one break. If you’re wanting to do this, but not change hotels several times then get checking those deals.

You like all in deals

Most cruises offer full board packages. Whilst alcoholic/soda beverages are usually additional there is always unlimited tea/coffee and squash on board. If you like your full board offers/all inclusive then this could be a win win for you. You won’t have to worry about the extra cash for meals. However, check your cruise ship doesn’t have some optional restaurants with a service charge.

You love the Sea

Yeah yeah. I’m all at sea extra. I love being on the ocean. However, if you hate water then it’s probably not one for you. Maybe an inter-railing experience?

Entertainment is your THANG

Cruises usually have a variety of entertainment on board to ensure you don’t get bored on your trip. Karaoke, BINGO, Comedy Night, Theatrical Shows, Cinema under the stars? You name it some ship probably has it. Have you seen the ships with rock climbing and surfing on board? Sign me up.

You like options for all the family

Fancy a little couples time? Head the the adults only deck? Have young children? They can go to the many children’s clubs on offer. Usually these include learning new skills or singing along with Goofey and Mickey to Frozen.

Cruise, Violet Glenton

You’re not that into walking

You can lounge by the pool all day if you like. You don’t necessarily have to get off at any dock. It’s your choice. If you pick a smaller cruise ship you’ll have less distance to walk each day. For me, I prefer the big ships. I love how much space you have and exploring new parts.

The Food tends to be excellent

If you read satisfaction surveys of cruises, usually they’re very high. Dining is usually a top scorer for good reason. You have wonderful chefs on board serving fresh food every day.

Have you ever been on a Cruise? What did you love about it?

Violet x

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