Looking after your little one’s feet : Dotty Fish Review

Did you know that there are correct items of footwear for babies? Neither did I. I’ve literally put Jasper whatever shoes I’ve found on the shelf. If he hasn’t worn shoes, it’s been socks. But I’ve always been a little dubious about what is the correct footwear for a baby when they do FINALLY put the weight on their feet. As Jasper is reaching the 6 month mark he is consistently pushing up onto his feet ready to wobble.

When Dotty Fish contacted me to review some of their footwear, I thought great! I can finally learn a little more about this conundrum. What I love about them is that there is no shortage of information on why these shoes are so suitable for babies taking their first steps (or crawling). Whilst they discovered bare foot is the best way to go, it’s not always practical for us in modern day. Jaspers literally puts his weight on any surface he can, and when it’s been hot like the past few weeks it’s good to know he won’t burn his little tooties!

Dotty Fish, Violet Glenton

The fabric of these shoes is extremely flexible, and upon first inspection I was really impressed. They felt of good quality, well made, sturdy enough but completely bendy for Jasper to toddle around in. I also LOVED the fire truck design, they have tonnes of options meaning you can collect many pairs. They’re actually pretty breathable too. Did you know babies feet sweat twice as much as ours? NEITHER DID I. Oh I’ve learnt a lot on this collaboration. If you’re interested in reading more facts/information about Dotty Fish you can find all of the information right here.

Dotty Fish, Violet Glenton

Dotty Fish, Violet Glenton

What do you think of these? At £8.99 I reckon they’re worth the few extra pound. I’d rather know Jasper’s happy toddling along on his feet (which are gorgeous FYI).

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*Items included were gifted to me for purposes of review but the words and opinions are as always, my own.

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