Another Baby Shoe Review: Mocc Ons

If you’ve read my recent baby footwear post, you’ll know I’m on the hunt for some cute/sensible shoes for Jasper. We’ve tried a variety of shoes and they all have different advantages and disadvantages. My main issue with baby footwear is the duration of wear (they grow so quickly) and that they’re ALWAYS coming off their feet. Well Mocc Ons have a solution. By combining shoe with sock, we’re met the clever slip on shoe that keep  your babies tooties nice and warm, whilst looking stylish.

Upon arrival I thought these were going to be a little problematic. I asked for a 6-12 month as Jasper has big feet and he’s almost 6 months. He’s already wearing size 6-9 in clothing so I figured his feet would be the same. The size of these socks looked a little daunting and I was worried I wouldn’t get any wear out of them just yet. Surprisingly, they fit him nicely and have plenty of space for room to grow.

Mocc Ons, Violet Glenton

These are literally the perfect item for evenings for us. I usually let Jasper go out just in his socks but now he’s wanting to stand at every opportunity it’s nice to have a little fabric on the bottom of his feet for protection. Again, it’s a very slim fabric meaning he has full flexibility in his foot and can angle as he pleases.

They come in a variety of different patterns so you will never be sort of some to match that outfit you’ve picked out. I also like that they come in 4 different size ranges. So as your baby grows, you can pick up a new pair.

If you’re interested in buying products like these, you can purchase Mocc Ons here.

Do you have any examples of great footwear for babies? Let me know and I’ll be pulling my purse strings to get Jasper kitted out.

Violet x

*Items included were gifted to me for purposes of review but the words and opinions are as always, my own.

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