Why working with a Photographer can up your game

On occasion, I have been asked about my photographs used within my blog. For clarity, most of the time I kinda bribe my husband to take them, or kindly ask my blogger pals in Hull to step in. However, when able to, I find working with a photographer can completely up your game in so many ways.



Photographer, Violet Glenton

All Photographs are courtesy of Olivia Lennon


1. You’ll instantly become more confident in front of the camera 

Ok.. maybe not on the very first shot. After a few to tend to relax and if you get a REALLY good photographer they’ll help you transition from pose to pose. The occasional direction is always welcome on my front.

2. Your quality of images will greatly improve 

I’m not embarrassed to say I use a camera I’ve had since I was 16. It’s a VERY old Canon 1000d with a new lens on to allow me to get the images I’d like. I am not a photographer, I do not have the money aside at present to throw out 2k on a camera. As my blog grows, hopefully I’ll be able to invest in something a lil better but for now my images are just what I need. After all, any photographer will tell you it’s the lens that counts. I’ve got some great images using my old kit. Working with a Photographer and their camera though will obviously produce much higher quality images. You’ll find their own editing style enhances the features they wanted to showcase and this works for me.

Photographer, Violet Glenton

3. You’ll learn new Tips and Tricks 

Talk about professional development. Each photographer could teach you a new way to tweak a pose to get the most out of it, how to find the light or even simple movements to flow from pose to pose. Bonus… you can keep these tips for the next shoot on your own.


Photographer, Violet GlentonAgain, I’ll reiterate you don’t need to work with a photographer to up your game. You can be incredibly inspired by other bloggers, personal style and just be darn amazing regardless of who sits behind your camera. These are just a few tips I’ve found from personal experience.

Maybe I just used this piece as an excuse to share the fabulous work of Liv? I’ll never tell.

Violet x


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