Preparing for Canada: Packing List

I’m not sure whether I’m producing this packing list to help others pack, or because I can be very forgetful and would like to help myself out. If I haven’t mentioned it already I’m heading to Canada at the end of July for our first big family holiday with Jasper. I’ve explained before that it’s important we get him into travelling early, and in this essence it’s also important to be prepared. Here’s a list of the essentials for Before, Flight & Stay.


  • Check passports are up to date
  • Sort Canadian Visas
  • Take out yearly Travel Insurance
  • Exchange Currency
  • Inform Credit Card provider that some damage will be made in another country
  • Book Airport Hotel
  • Book Airport Parking
  • Print all documentation off including Flight, AirBnB details, Cottage details
  • Charge Camera and Wipe Memory Card

For the Suitcase/Stay in Canada:

  • All clothing (plan out outfits before hand)
  • Jasper’s Clothing
  • Some Baby food bits and bobs (pick up the rest in Canada)
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Makeup
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid (mini travel kit)

At the Airport:

  • Walk around with Jasper as much as possible to try tire him out before flight (do this Violet)
  • Try relax and smash a breakfast at the airport as per.
  • Remember that once past airport security to pick up some milk for Jasper from Boots
  • Pick up some Calpol for the Flight (JUST INCASE)

For the Flight: 

  • Pack essentials for travelling with an infant (nappies, snacks, toys for every hour, books, ipad)
  • Pack snacks for us
  • Ensure Jasper has a milk/juice/dummy for takeoff to help with change in pressure
  • Comfortable clothing as ALWAYS.
  • As many distractions as possible as I get easily bored
  • Moisturising products for dry skin


Packing, Violet Glenton

Do you have any tips on things I can add to this packing list or anything I’ve forgotten?

Violet x


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