What my old job has taught me about my life

Before I worked as a Business Development Manager, before I had the time to put so much into my blog, I worked as a travel agent. Shocker I know. As if you hadn’t already gaged from my blog, I love travelling. Fresh out of University I applied for several jobs and applied myself to give up free time at a local travel agency to get experience (and hopefully a job). After a few weeks, I was offered a full time position hoorah! Sadly, it didn’t work out for me in the long run, but I learned several things from this experience in my life.

Always be thankful for the opportunities.

job, Violet Glenton

Photography by Olivia Lennon

I value my weekends 

Obviously, no one wants to work weekends. I can’t say I hated it, but I didn’t love it. I felt like I was missing out on valuable family time as the rest of my family worked Monday-Friday. This meant our weekends were our time. I know not everybody has this luxury, and I really do appreciate if you have no option but to work these days. However, it just made me realise how much I loved my Saturdays spent with my nearest and dearest.

I want progression, thick and fast

One of the main issues I had with my position was wanting more. I wanted to progress, learn, and grow. My previous position made me realise that in my next job I would want to undertake training regularly. I’d want this in my personal life too. Suppose I’m a bit needy really.

Your previous job role does not have to define you 

I didn’t apply to be a travel agent anywhere else. It just wasn’t for me. Using the skills and lessons learnt from your previous role you can apply for any jobs you like. Well that is unless you want to be an Astronaut or a Doctor, then maybe get some qualifications first. 

job, Violet Glenton

Photography by Olivia Lennon

If you’re doing something you love, but the form of it doesn’t fit your life needs and priorities, you’ll struggle 

I love travelling. I love most things about travel. I want to explore, I have a hunger for it. However being a travel agent was not my way to do this. I know it works for many successful individuals in the business, but the format didn’t suit me. That’s ok too.

I am still learning 

Last but not least, I am still learning. I am accountable for the decision I made prior to my previous role and have gained insight from them. Sure, there are ways I would change things if I could go back and do it all again, but it taught me valuable lessons. I will be continuing to learn and grow for a long time, ain’t no stopping us noooooww.

Violet x

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