I’m on the Parent Approved Panel for Mamas and Papas!

Hey! Here’s a big announcement for you. Remember a few months ago I entered a competition for Mamas and Papas to get onto their parent approved panel? Well I darn well got on it!

The Parent Approved Panel had over 540 photographic entries, from this they then shortlisted it down to 30. The final 30 had to submit a blog post, examples of photography and a short video (eep!) about themselves. Whilst I was super nervous to do this, I thought I might as well give it my best shot and by heck we did it! I’m majorly chuffed, not just on a blogging point of view but for Jasper. It’s a huge opportunity for us and we’re ever so grateful.

Here was my initial submission:

You may remember I held a years contract with Yours Clothing so this is the next step for me in including more parenting content on my blog. Also Mamas and Papas? Hello… wow!

So what does this mean for you?

I’ll still be posting my regular fashion, travel and lifestyle posts. You may just see a small injection more of featured parenting products. Any work I do as part of my contract with M&Ps will be clearly declared. It may mean I get more opportunities to write about what I love to do, which is marvellous and I’m sure you’ll sense it through my writing.

I’m looking to gage more of what you parents want from your products and discuss the issues we all go through becoming responsible for our children. If you have any thoughts/ideas then great! I’m open to them, pop me a message and lets chat.

Sophie, Teething, Violet Glenton

As always, thank you for the opportunities you all give me. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Violet x


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