My #IdealHotspot – Living Room*

What makes a house a home? Of course, my large opinion is the family and those that live within it, but I’m a BIG BIG fan of all those little touches that make it feel all warm and snug. It’s the little touches of personality, thoughtful colours and the like that make it your happy place to come home to after a day at work. My home has been taken over by my little boy, but I’m doing my best to keep it as I liked it before. It’s therefore so important that our most used room (the living area) reflects my old self with my new. The pre baby mama to the gorgeous bubba that now crawls my floors.

IdealHotspot, Violet Glenton

My style is pretty simple. I’d say I like modern, scandi with a BIG old touch of the snugs. I basically like people to feel that I’ve put a big warm hug around them when they enter and make them want to come back. My perfect night in usually involves me snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate on lap, my dog by my side and my baby exploring his toy basket. Here’s my tips on how you can create a hotspot/safe haven in your home:

Make it a SNUG

I’m talking blankets, pillows, BIG HOODIES. All of those things that allow you to feel all comfortable and relaxed whilst feeling like you’re in a giant embrace. If you can add a dog to snuggle up to, or a baby then win win. But they’re not essential.

IdealHotspot, Violet Glenton


I love a good treat, so if I can cuddle up to my hot chocolate on a Friday evening, lay back and catch up on the latest Netflix series WHILST eating a bit of lemon driz I’m all for it.

IdealHotspot, Violet Glenton

IdealHotspot, Violet Glenton

IdealHotspot, Violet Glenton

Create an Atmosphere (AKA your Hotspot)

Autumn always has me reaching for those candles. You’ll find them scattered on various shelves in my living room. I’ll pop the fire on, light up my favourite scent and relax to the new ambience in the room. Dreamy eh?

*This post is in collaboration with Ideal Boilers but all words, opinions and thoughts are my own.

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